E-Health Wirtschaftsdinner

E-Health WirtschaftsdinnerDieses 9. Wirtschaftsdinner widmet sich einem wichtigen Aspekt der digitalen Transformation. E-Health entwickelt sich schnell in einem sehr großen Ökosystem, das nicht nur Hersteller von Sensoren für das Handgelenk, Systeme für Krankenhäuser und Versicherer, sondern auch viele Start-ups, die Produkte und Serviceplattformen entwickeln, umfasst.

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Engaging with multinational key accounts: a B2B sales challenge

Different go to market strategies

There are multiple ways to organise an international sales force: By region, by product line, by go to market strategies (direct versus indirect or OEM), separating hunters & farmers, by nature of the customers/type of usage… They drive the efficiency, localisation, reactivity and economies of scale of sales teams. All these models have pros and cons and vendors tend to navigate between them over time.

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Cable TV operators and Fibre Optic: Quo vadis?“

Organised by the CMG-AE (Computer Measurement Group – Austria & Eastern Europe) this event attended by large number of Austrian cable network operators gave an insight of the evolution of the broadband infrastructure and media value added services. The presenters included PwC, Bearing Point, WIK Consult, Infotech, Flimmit, Ocilion and ODD.

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